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A new dimension
topological system technology

reviQuant restore

Special natural frequencies and frequency patterns are indispensable for the existence of humans, since these frequencies are controlling our chronobiological processes.  For example, both the Schumann frequency as well as the spherical bands are essential for our well-being. In summary, these biologically important frequencies are, according to Dr. Ludwig, called the “biological standard.”
All disorders occurring in our bio regulative system go hand in hand with changes in the frequencies of our organism. Similar to the function of a tuning fork, the ‘reviQuant restore’ it is able to correct disharmonious patterns. It is possible for an additional frequency of say 150 MHz to be modulated on to a stochastically alternating or a stable carrier frequency such as the Schumann resonance. reviQuant utilizes numerous biologically important frequencies on the basis of GS, Rife, as well as further empirically ascertained frequency patterns.

Through the application of the respective frequency patterns onto the organism, it is able to remember the natural targeted oscillation state and to correct possible deviations. The increase of technical electromagnetic fields (mobile phone network) leads to a growing “electromagnetic fog” which influences the human regulation. reviQuant restore acts as a calibration unit and thus stabilizes the bio regulation.
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