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A new dimension
topological system technology

reviQuant human analysis & optimization

  • Technology based on HRV
  • Induced requests concerning regulatory and functional disorders as well as pathogenic processes
  • The recognition of strain and its causes   
  • Optimization of frequencies to support the therapy (e.g. the balancing of the ANS)
  • An extensive test set which is already provided in the basic version
  • Easy operation and best value for money
  • Fully automatized procedure granting ease of use


is currently the most versatile bio-physical system of analysis and optimization on the market. The idea of a holistic approach to complex systems is not new. What is new is the possibility to be able to objectify and balance all aspects regarding their interdependencies. The complexity of this approach exactly mirrors the complexity and structure of the bio regulation of the human being itself.
  • reviQuant analyses the actual state of regulation
  • reviQuant analyses “weak points” and strain
  • reviQuant analyses changes in the regulation which are to be expected when "regulatory actions" and changes in the milieu take place
  • reviQuant optimizes the information field in order to adjust the adaptation and the dynamics of the system to the respective conditions

Guarantee of Success

After only a few minutes of diagnosis you will obtain constructive references, guidelines and evaluations which will then help to pursue the treatment.
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