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A new dimension
topological system technology

reviQuant Digitizer

Every chemical element and each substance has got an “individual electromagnetic fingerprint”. This fingerprint is resulting from its atomic structure and the molecular compounds. The reviQuant Digitizer OFD makes it possible to record and store the spectra of different substances, such as orthomolecular substances, nosodes or homeopathic remedies. These spectra contain the informational patterns of the initial material. With the help of the reviQuant Inductor, such a spectrum then can be transferred to a biological system. The reaction will be the same as if the substance itself had been administrated. As a reaction to the applied stimulus during the application a change of the arterial pulse wave occurs. By means of the basic system ‘reviQuant human analysis & optimization’, the resulting measurements can be put in relation to a reference measurement and thus can be objectivized (see figure). The reviQuant digitizer OFD also enables you to generate spectra of substances provided by yourself, such as test sets of food, drinks and tobacco, cosmetics and to register their effects on the organism. Besides, suitable spectra can be transferred to carrier substances. This enables the operator to produce his own infozeutika.
Example of an evaluation of induced inquiry
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