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A new dimension
topological system technology

Welcome to reviQuant!

The idea of understanding the human organism in a holistic way has fascinated us from the very beginning. The individual regulation of the human organism becomes objectively verifiable through the access to the autonomic nervous system. This access can be granted by measuring and analyzing the heart rate variability. Both diseases and remedies can be verified with induced requests made to the organism utilizing magnetic-wave-based information fields.

All biological systems on our planet are influenced by a fast-changing environment as well as an enormous variety of technical applications emitting technical fields. We ought to pay a high degree of attention to the reactions and adaptions of human beings to these changing conditions.

We at reviQuant support a disease-model that integrates neuro-, bio- and psycho-type of pathogenesis. Our objective is to offer methods and treatments for the psychosocial restoration and preservation of public health within the sphere of integrative medicine. This is done on the basis of interdisciplinary research. A society purely based on economics is only as effective as the psychosocial aspects will permit. This fact will have its influence on the 6th kondratiev cycle.

Please note:
According to 30.000 international studies, the analysis of the HRV, the basic module of our measurement application, is an innovative method with a very high potential for the early detection of health risks. Since its recognition by the North American and European Society for Cardiology, the analysis of the heart rate variability has aroused great interest among physicians, sport-scientists and psychologists.
Nonetheless, we wish to point out that the methods and systems presented here as well as their effects in classical medicine cannot by definition be considered as proven.

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