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What is heart rate variability (HRV)?

The human body has the ability to adapt to challenges of all kind. This process of adaption is reflected by changes in the rhythm of the heard beat. As a mathematical function, this rhythm is able to carry large amounts of information – and it does that in a predictable way. Pulse diagnosticians are able to read this information out of the heartbeat. However it requires a high degree of education and years of practice to gather the experience necessary to process the slight variations of the heartbeat intuitively.

Modern IT has the ability to extract this information by various mathematical functions run on a digitized heartbeat recording. This is less miraculous but definitely more objective than the intuitive approach.

We at reviQuant support a disease-model that integrates neuro-, bio- and psycho-type of pathogenesis. Our objective is to offer methods and treatments for the psychosocial restoration and preservation of public health within the sphere of integrative medicine.

According to 30.000 international studies, the analysis of the HRV, the basic module of our measurement application, is an innovative method with a very high potential for the early detection of health risks. Since its recognition by the North American and European Society for Cardiology, the analysis of the heart rate variability has aroused great interest among physicians, sport-scientists and psychologists.
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