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A new dimension
topological system technology

Our philosophy


„Sociologists of knowledge discovered that scientific findings and the conditions and processes of the researched reality are not always necessarily identical. Rather, such discoveries are likewise or even more so reflecting the real social processes in which these scientists are deadlocked in.”

Our approach

„To live and let live.“
What we are looking for is fairness, friendly business partners and customers who still endorse the notions of ethics and morality.

Being a Saxon enterprise we are committed to traditions, and our products are not manufactured in low-wage countries. We like to express our social commitment by supporting regional projects, such as sponsoring the public benefit venture “Märchenpicknick e.V. Radebeul”.

Our future lies in our own hands!
Ingenieurbüro Lachmann · Heynitz Nr. 7 · D-01683 Nossen · · +49 (0) 35244.49452

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