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A new dimension
topological system technology

The company

As pioneers and prime movers in the sphere of integrative medicine, we are offering individually applied systems for diagnosis and the reinforcement of the regulative system. By directly influencing the regulative system we make use of the considerable advantages inherent in a system-immanent approach. By doing this we take into account the whole of all given variables.  

reviQuant UG is a young Saxon enterprise situated near Dresden. We co-operate with competent partners in science and research. Our core competence lies in the development, design and distribution of “human technology” products.

The focal points are:
  • Technologies supporting the self-regulation of the human system
  • Methods of analysis based on HRV
  • Optimization of information fields
  • Methods and techniques for environmental remediation
  • Micro-current systems used in pain therapy
Ingenieurbüro Lachmann · Heynitz Nr. 7 · D-01683 Nossen · · +49 (0) 35244.49452

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